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Euphorbia Lactea

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Succulent in a clay pot


Euphorbia lactea, better known as the “thorn of Christ”, is a beautiful cactus succulent that has many thorns and characteristic small flowers in various colors. Red flowers are the most common and there are varieties with yellow, white, green, pink, orange and bicolor flowers. Although it actually originates from Madagascar, it was introduced to the Middle East from ancient times and the myth connects it with the crown of thorns of Christ.

Euphorbia is a very durable plant in difficult dry-thermal conditions, originating from Madagascar. It has a characteristic white juice, and impressive flowering in various colors, all year round.

What is the appropriate placement for euphorbia?

We choose a sunny, bright and warm place, whether we transplant it in a pot or in a rock garden. Euphorbia thrives indoors with good ventilation, as it has no problem with the dry atmosphere. On the contrary, it is quite sensitive to low temperatures and strong north winds.

What soil does euphorbia need to thrive?

Euphorbia wants sandy soil with good drainage or topsoil special for cacti and succulents that we procure from agricultural stores.

What are the watering and fertilizing needs of euphorbia?

Euphorbia needs moderate watering to have good growth and flowering. During spring and summer, we water about once a week. In winter, watering becomes even more sparse. It has quite limited needs for fertilization and it is enough to add special fertilizer for cacti, once a month, during the spring and summer period to enhance the flowering of euphorbia.

A tip for caring for euphorbia

To keep the euphorbia healthy, we carry out relatively light pruning of the euphorbia, maintaining its shape and removing dry and weak branches. It is very important to wear gloves constantly during the care of euphorbia and especially during pruning, as its stem contains a poisonous juice, which irritates the skin when we come in contact.