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Pink Hydrangea in a clay pot


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Hydrangea originates from East Asian countries and many say it originates specifically from Japan. The hydrangea plant is an impressive shrub with large toothed leaves and spherical flowers. There are also varieties of climbing hydrangeas and indoor hydrangeas. Hydrangea is a plant that needs special attention in watering as we must water it often so that the soil always remains moist. Water should not accumulate at the base of the plant and stagnate. During summer, if you can water it daily it will appreciate it and reward you with lush flowers.

Do not worry in the winter months, the hydrangea does not suffer anything in the cold or the snow. Your plant has high resistance to low temperatures and can withstand up to -15οC. Be careful, however, indoor varieties do not withstand the cold and are destroyed if exposed to it abruptly. Unlike the cold, the hydrangea is sensitive to strong winds and you should not expose it to them.

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