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Indoor plant in a clay pot


Anthurium or “flamingo” is one of the most popular and impressive indoor plants. It is known for its characteristic flowers which are heart-shaped and are usually red in color. Originally from Hawaii, it is characterized by long-lasting flowering and has glossy green foliage. Apart from being a decorative plant in a pot, it is also selected for its flowers, which are used to create various Flowers Arrangements.

What is the proper mounting location for the anthurium?

We choose a bright space in the house for the anthurium, without receiving direct sunlight as it burns its leaves. If placed in a shady position, its leaves will lose their bright green color as well as their bright red flowers. Anthurium thrives at temperatures of 19-25 ° C and loses its vitality when the temperature approaches 10 ° C. We must avoid placing the anthurium near radiators, radiators and fireplaces.

What soil does anthurium need to thrive?

We plant only in pots and in general soil for indoor plants. Very good in the soil to have good drainage conditions. We can also, to simulate the drainage rates in nature, cover the surface of the pot with moss-moss.

What watering and fertilizing needs does anthurium have?

Anthurium is not very demanding in terms of watering, as it is required once a week, while in summer every 4-5 days. Do not water it more often as its leaves will turn yellow and its flowering shoots may rot. Regarding anthurium fertilization, you will need to add liquid flowering fertilizer once a month from spring to autumn to maintain good growth and intense leaf color.

An anthurium care tip

It is important to clean the anthurium leaves at regular intervals with a damp cloth to breathe better. It is also good to spray the foliage so that it does not dry out and creates burns at the edges of the foliage.

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