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Sword leaf in a clay pot


Spathiphyllum is one of the most popular indoor plants with striking white flowers, which create a wonderful contrast with the dark green color of its leaves. In addition to its exotic beauty, the sword leaf has the ability to clean the air of the home and office from air pollutants and toxic substances.

What is the proper mounting location for the Swordsman?

For the Spathiphyllum we choose a bright place away from the direct rays of the sun, so as not to create burns on its leaves. Spathiphyllum needs temperatures of 20-25 ° C to maintain its vitality, it is sensitive to lower temperatures, as well as strong temperature fluctuations. In extreme conditions it loses the intense color of the foliage. We must definitely keep the spatula away from radiators, radiators and fireplaces.

What soil does Spathiphyllum need to thrive?

The sword leaf grows slowly and we do not need to have it in a large pot. We choose plastic or clay pots, diameter and height of at least 15 cm, usually 1-2 numbers larger than the nursery pot we bought. When transplanting into a larger pot, add light topsoil for indoor plants and put a layer of gravel at the base of the pot to remove excess water after watering. Because the spathiphyllum is sold in small pots, where it has usually developed a dense root system, during transplanting, we lightly break its roots peripherally so that it can immediately absorb nutrients and water.

A tip for the care of the Spathiphyllum

As soon as the flowering of the sword leaf is completed, we remove the withered flower, cutting it low at the point where the stem develops between the leaves. By removing the dried and mature flowers, we encourage the plant to give new flowering. As the plant grows, we remove the yellowed leaves or blackened leaves that may appear. It is normal for some older leaves to be removed due to age and new ones to grow.

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