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Red cyclamen in a basket


Cyclamen is one of the most beautiful wildflowers and one of the most famous flowers that blooms in autumn, it is available in a clay pot.

With the first rains, the cyclamen make their appearance in nature and create an impressive carpet of beautiful flowers. A low-growing perennial plant, cyclamen has beautiful glossy dark green leaves in the shape of a heart that are harmoniously combined with its unique flowers in shades of pink, purple, red and white.

What is the proper mounting location for cyclamen?

We choose places with west or east orientation for the planting of cyclamen on the balcony, to thrive better and give us its rich flowering. As cyclamen has a superficial root system, we prefer to plant it in shallow pots and planters.

We can also keep cyclamen in our house as an indoor plant, as long as we place it in a well-lit and ventilated area, away from radiators. For better ventilation, some nights it is suggested to place it it outside on the balcony.

What kind of soil does cyclamen need to thrive?

When planting cyclamen, choose fertile topsoil rich in nutrients and place a thin layer of gravel at the base of the cyclamen pot to ensure good drainage.

What are the needs of cyclamen in watering and fertilizing?

Cyclamen needs regular watering during the autumn period. Avoid wetting the leaves and stems, especially on hot autumn days to avoid being infected by fungal diseases. We also avoid excessive watering which can cause rot in the cyclamen roots. We usually water twice a week during the autumn period and repeat the watering when the soil dries. Another safe way to water the cyclamen is by immersing the pot in a basin of water for about 30 minutes, until you see the soil on the surface of the pot show moisture.

One last tip for caring for cyclamen

If we observe cyclamen flowers blooming under the foliage of the plant and not coming out normally, this is due to various factors such as lack of fertilization, irregular watering or the appearance of very low temperatures during the flowering period.

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