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Outdoor plant in sack


Olive is an age-old evergreen fruit tree that is loved since the ancient years and is the most widespread crop in Greece, available in a decorative sack.

Olive is characterized by longevity, durability in difficult conditions, strong adaptability as well as gives fruit without the need of special cultivation care. Μain products produced from the cultivation of olives are olive oil and edible olives. Most of the world production comes from the Mediterranean countries, mainly from Spain, Italy and Greece.

What is the appropriate placement for the olive tree?

Οlive tree requires a bright place in our yard or the balcony, better semi-shaded protected from the wind and frost. If we want to place it indoors, we must provide it with a bright place, with good ventilation, away from radiators, from cold and hot currents, as well as from windows.

What kind of soil does olive tree need to thrive?

Οlive needs a light soil mixture containing perlite and pumice to ensure good drainage and adequate ventilation for root growth.

What are olive’s needs in watering and fertilizing?

Olive needs light fertilization, from spring to autumn, every two months, with mixed organic fertilizer, in order to maintain the intense green color of its leaves. Requires frequent watering, three times a week in the summer months, once a week in winter and definitely twice a week in spring and autumn.

One last tip for olive care

Olive needs to be sprayed once a month, from the beginning of spring until the middle of autumn for preventive protection from insects that attack the tender vegetation. For the spraying of the olive we use ecological preparations of summer pulp or salts of fatty acids. We can also make our own preparation with garlic, green soap and hot pepper.

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