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Wreath with lavender and sheaves


Felicity is a beautiful May Day wreath. This wreath consists of dried, aromatic lavender and sheaves. Felicity is a dried wreath so it will decorate your door or balcony with its wonderful colors forever.

May Day is widely known as the celebration of flowers. This day is considered as the celebration of Spring and nature. A typical custom of the day is the decoration of our house’s door with a wreath. In Nadia’s Flower Shop you will find May Day wreaths, flower wreaths, decorative wreaths with artificial flowers for the table, hanging wreaths and much more.

The May Day wreath is carefully made by us. We guarantee excellent quality of our products as well as consistency in delivery.

The availability of some flowers depends on the season and may be replaced with flowers of the same or higher value upon request.

In our online flower shop, you will find a variety of fresh flowers for the construction of a May Day wreath. Browse a range of wreaths to find the right choice for you.

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